"The Elevator" by Allen H. Brown
Hell Afire
Do you want to know what modern Hell is like?
Would you like to know where your friends will be in Hell?
Would you like to know where you would be in Hell now?
Would you like to know how you can avoid going there?

Then this book "The Elevator" is for you!
This book defines modern Hell.
 This novel is about a high school boy, Jason, winning a writing contest about the evils in modern life. With a guide, Joan, he is awarded a trip on The Elevator to descend into the bowels of the earth and view first-hand the workings of
This novel modernizes Dante's view of Hades as presented in his medieval classic "Inferno." This new work expands Dante's 9 "Circles" of Hades to be 15 "Levels" of Hell and includes the fundamental evils of mankind as well as the evils of modern society.

Hell is Hades ... Hades is Hell
This book is not for light, feel-good, vacation, pleasure reading.
This is a Reference book.

This book should be used
     - by clergy of all Faiths
     - by councelors
     - by parents
     - by young people
     - by old people

as a guide to help themselves and others,
especially children,
avoid wrongful deeds in modern life.
The Levels of Hell
The Levels are progessively sinful and the corresponding punishments are progressively severe
Level 0  Hell on Earth -  living with no purpose in life
Level 1  Judgement & Sentencing - First stop in Hell, everyone goes here
Level 2  Mal-thinkers: hypocrites, uncaring, bullies,wrathul, sullen, false flatterers ... 
Level 3  Gluttons, Hoarders, Wasters
Level 4  Common Earth crimes - vandalism, disorderly conduct, disturb the peace ... 
Level 5  Environmental crimes - destroy natural environment, spread disease, animal abuse 
Level 6  Hurt Selves - liquor, drugs, smoking, tattoos, gambling, anger ...
Level 7  Organizational crimes -  mismanagement, embezzle, uncaring for workers ...
Level 8  Weapons - misuse use in war and peace, offensive weapon designers 
Level 9  Falsifiers - Deceivers/Liars/Fraud - in science, in religion, in money matters, in legal ... 
Level10  Theft - ID, robbery, shoplifting, receive stolen goods, rustlers, pirates ...
Level 11  Physical injuries to others - assault, kidnapping, domestic violence, medical, ... 
Level 12  Carnal malefactors - prostitution, adultery, pedophiles, incest, rape, zoophilia ... 
Level 13  Defilers of Religion - heretics, simoniacs,blasphemers, apostates ... 
Level 14  Traitors - to family/kin, to guests, to hosts, to associates, to benefactors, to country ...
Level 15   Taking human life
A few excerpts from the book
Joan said, “Here are those who hurt themselves with liquor, smoking, drugs, mutilation/tattoos, and the like.”

I stopped Joan and asked, “If they are just hurting themselves and not others, why are they here at all? Why don’t they just die and be ignored?”

Joan looked at me with a slight frown. “Jason, you are still missing some basics about life, death and Hades.

"One ... Everyone dies, and no one is ignored when they die. Everyone comes to Level 1 of Hades for judgment. Everybody is judged.”   She paused a moment to let that thought sink in.

“Two ... they are not just hurting themselves. God is a part of each body, the Soul. When people hurts themselves they are hurting a part of God.”

Wow. I was put in my place again. I need to do more thinking and less blabbing.   “Thank you,” I said, trying to smooth over the situation. “ I should have realized that.”  

Joan gave a condescending type smile, like Miss O’Connor sometimes does when one of her English students can’t grasp correct use of punctuation.   Joan handed me an earphone headset and nose plugs. “You may want to wear these” she said.  

“Treachery and betrayal take many forms and are widespread in earthly living,” Joan said. “Today in Hades there is even more emphasis on traitors, dishonesty, blatant falsehoods and intentional deceptions. Although these may be a part of an individual in any Level, we now have brought the bulk of flagrant liars and deceivers together in Level 9. You will see them. The Council addresses this area regularly. Untruth is inherently a part of mankind waiting to be used, embedded by God at the beginning of life. How much a person restrains untruth is part of the basic character of that person and enhances the likelihood that person will be admitted into The Peace... Heaven. Simple lying is the most obvious untruth. The least harmful untruth is one made in an attempt to do good or to protect another. When a parent is dying an offspring may say everything is going to be all right, in order to ease the worry of the parent. It is an untruth although it has good intent, and may actually help another individual. The inherent problem in untruths is … when a person once tells an untruth how do you know what to believe when he or she next speaks or writes?”


We walked around the edge of the lake and came to a field of burning hay. What looked like burned bodies of babies and young children were being speared with pitchforks and tossed into a large garbage truck. The pitchforks were wielded by old-looking figures, like aged Delpers. Some of them were dressed like priests although the barbed tails stuck out from under the vestments.


Another area that looked drastically wrong. I turned to Joan. She looked like she was ready to cry.


“To me this is one of the worst section of Hades,” Joan said with a most serious expression. “This is the area of pedophiles. The burned bodies are not babies and youngsters although that is their appearance. Those bodies are actually the deceased criminals ... the souls who violated the anatomies of babies and the very young. The evil souls here have been put into the form of whom they violated.”


This seemed like an extension of what I had seen at the previous level for injuries to youngsters -- more of the logic in Hades. We watched in silence, like watching an old-time horror movie. Even though bodies were being punctured there was no sound. The garbage truck was filling fast. Suddenly the truck bed tilted and the bodies ... souls ... were dumped on the ground. The spearing and pitching immediately began again.


“These souls get some of the longest sentences in Hades,” Joan said. “Some have been here for thousands of your years. Some have come from the previous Level. Many have such long sentences they never go anyplace else in Hades.”


Between the central fire and the circular pit was a circle of throne-like chairs in which sat robed figures. Those figures looked like they were straight out of a comic book. The figures were life-size, like me or Joan, but grossly distorted. Some had blazing beards or hair, some were missing eyes or ears or a nose or limbs. Some had several heads. Some had several arms. Some had breasts! The individuals were of different skin colors ... much like the variety of human colors. They sat motionless, staring straight ahead. The thrones were decorated with a variety of living small wildlife. I saw snakes of various kinds ... skunks, fish gulping for air, wolverines, vultures, spiders, rats, and much more. Huge worms like I had seen previously seemed to be the pet of choice. At the foot of each throne was a small white fire. The individual’s feet were in the fire, as if warming them, but the feet were burnt ... charcoal.

After a long silence to let me take in the gruesome scene, Joan said softly, “You see before you the Devils, the Satans, the Destroyers of each religion.

Some mysteries remain:
Where would be Jason's place in Hell if he died now?
Would he accept the invitation to be the liaison of the living world with Hell leaders?
Would he ever get to visit and report on Heaven?
Who are the other living that have greeting signs awaiting them in Hell?
Why did time stop on Earth ... yet it didn't stop for him in Hell?
1 Earth year = how many Hell years?
What is Hell like for the other religions?
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