Smily Face
Visit to Oregon  April 10-18, 2018

A really great time!
Huge tulip farm looked just like Holland.
Moderate shopping on the Newport Bay front.
Rain nearly the whole time on the coast - wonderful!
Great seacoast meals.
Sea Lion Cave didn't smell as much asin the past.
The trip across lower Oregon (west to east) on Oregon State Route 138 through the Umpqua State Forest was spectacular!
Snow prevented the planned visit to Crater Lake.
8" of surprise snow the one night near Mt Hood. Had to buy wire chains to get out to lower altitude (Hood River).
Multnomah Falls still falling. Sturgeon still swimming in aquarium near Cascade Locks.
Katherine went a little wild in children's section of Powell book store in Portland.

Oregon-Kat tulip farm-1 

Oregon tulip farm-2
Oregon seals at rest
Seal lions at rest - Newport, Oregon
Oregon Coast Acquarium -1
Oregon Coast Aquarium
Kat at tide pool - Oregon Coast Aquarium
Otter - Oregon Coast Aquarium
Oregon coast storm water
A little Oregon weather
Looking from mountain - Oregon coast
Sea lion cave - Oregon
Sea Lion Cave
Oregon coast
Umpqua River
A little snow near Mt Hood
Raising trout
Hood River, Oregon - hatchery
Book store - Portland
The End - Nice Trip!